Disaster Relief 

At Alpha International Resources, L.L.C. (A.I.R.), we specialize in delivering essential resources swiftly and efficiently. Whether it's providing potable water to ensure well-being, generators to power critical infrastructure, specialized training programs aligned with a commitment to resilience, temporary labor or janitorial services, we're ready to be your trusted partner.

Training Programs

Our specialized training programs are crafted to elevate emergency preparedness and response capabilities. Aligned with a commitment to increasing resilience, our training initiatives empower individuals and organizations to navigate crises effectively.

Temporary Labor

Recognizing the dynamic demands of disaster response, A.I.R. offers temporary labor services. Our skilled workforce is ready to assist in various capacities, providing essential support to ensure the smooth execution of response and recovery initiatives.

Janitorial Services

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is paramount during disaster response and recovery. A.I.R. delivers professional janitorial services to ensure hygiene and sanitation in affected areas. Our commitment to cleanliness aligns with the goal of fostering safe and healthy environments.

Water Supply

A.I.R. ensures the swift deployment of potable water to affected areas, prioritizing the well-being of disaster survivors. Our reliable and efficient water supply services contribute to the immediate relief and support.


In times of crisis, A.I.R. can provide generators to power critical infrastructure. Our generators enhance the effectiveness of operations on the ground, ensuring seamless functionality during emergency response efforts.